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(Note: This game doesn't have any playable builds. We are very sorry about this.)

Edibattlers takes place in Vushioland, a world where various Vushios, players, Food and Drinks inhabit. Players can train their various Allies, level them up, obtain more (either with Gacha, merchant's exchange, Fusion or trading) and battle others via NPCs and their teams controlled with artificial intelligence, or with actual people. There are also Professionals who will challenge people once they've won against many Vushios, and the Champions League; where players will have to face their biggest challenges yet, and prove to themselves if they're one of the worldwide champions. Thus, people are free to come up with their own strategies for their own special experiences throughout the game. Though, that is not all; there is a Story Mode that can be played; in which they have to save a princess, who runs the world by the name of Ellia (for now, as the concepts are in its early stages), while going through the simple journey of finding wild cards, getting some (which is optional) and battling others if agreed to. The franchise has a physical copy, as well as a digital version available for PC, Apple and Android.

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